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Check out the following testimonials from property managers, apartment community owners, individual landlords, real estate agents and investors, renters and tenants, and others who have benefited first hand from our service!’s local rental websites, including, have helped thousands of property managers advertise and rent their rental homes, apartments, townhomes and condominiums since 2003.

In 2009, every month an average of 400,000 renters visited our top 100 local rental websites to find available residential rentals. Many of our sites are ranked #1 in internet searches for the most important keywords. We focus our service 100% on results, so that renters can find their next place to live with ease, and property managers can advertise properties on the most effective, easy to use website in town! THAT IS OUR COMMITMENT.

There are no hidden fees or special charges if you rent your property. What you see is what you get: Our business is connecting renters to property managers, and helping you sign a lease!


The team

I did a google search and found your site. You are amazing! What a professional realtor could not accomplish in 15 months you took care of in less than two weeks! Thank you!

Kristine Reasland (

For the first time in 4 yrs., we don't have any vacancies! Thank God!

Verlin ( has saved me so much time and money! I love the ability to advertise my rentals year round and early. I manage over 40 units and was able to rent all of them on your site... most of my new leases were signed 6 months before the new season!! This gives me more time to focus on the actual turnovers for the summer - which I now need since I have 0 vacancy until summer 09!

Thanks ChapelHillRent!!

Your web-site is wonderful. I recommended to all my friends who have rental properties. We had calls immediately; there were over 50 hits in less than a week. The house rented on the first showing. I found you when I googled “athens rental homes”. Thanks again.

Alison Clark (

Thank you for the use of the website. In one month, I receive more than 150 hits. 3 persons contacted me and two traveled from Georgia and Arkansas to view the property. I am supposed to sign a contract on Monday. Thank you!

Joyce E. Brooks (

Your advertising web site pretty much gives any features that we need. We heard about you from Google’s search machine. Hope this gives you enough feedback. Thank you.

Irma Miller (

I agree 100% that the buffalo news is a rip-off and as time goes by more and more people will use your service. I know I will tell all my friends about how well it worked for me.

Diana (

Honestly, I can say your website brings us the best tenants.

Anna (

Thanks for your help and for providing Amherst with a real apartment search service that is user-friendly. Take care,

Jacob (

I heard about this site through a search engine, I think it's wonderful that you can offer such a service for free! Thank you!

Mary (

My apartment rented within a week of posting on your site. I had a few calls and three people saw it. New tenant moved in last night. Thanks for your help. I look forward to dealing with you again as needed. I got more hits from you than from a national website. Regards.

Zoe M. Seda (

My property has been rented. Thank you. I got many referrals from your site and will recommend it highly.

Russell Neglia (

I am so glad that I found this website by sure accident. I had the listing rented within a week and there were many prospects to choose from. The pricing and the exposure are great! I will continue to use as long as I have rental property.

Monica Hurta (

I felt that the site was very helpful and easy to navigate! I actually found someone to sublease for this summer, which will save me so much money. I discovered the site as I was googling Bloomington Apartments online. You should really consider doing some other advertisement because I truly feel that this was a huge success and a good idea!

Ashley Laughner (

We have had a lot of traffic from your website from the beginning.  We haven't gotten any leases to date but I am very satisfied with the website and the amount of traffic in such a short time!  I heard about your website from Angela at Pitt Properties.

John, Plantation Apartments (

I tell everyone about you! I’ve found my past 2 apartments on your site. Thanks.

Karen (

I found your website by Googling, but I can’t remember my search terms any more.  It was something like “how to rent apartment Des Moines”.  Yours was close to the top of the list, within the first three or so. I had earlier listed it for a week with the Des Moines Register, which cost me $100, and I didn’t get any calls—so I’ll skip them and go straight to you next time.

Julia Rendon (

I am very  happy with your service. I particularly like that I can post pictures and that entering a listing is very quick and easy. I also love seeing how many views my property has had. I have a son who is a student at UNC Chapel Hill - he used Chapelhillrent to search for housing there. I have recommended it to other parents as it seems to be the very best source for student rentals. So, when I had a house come open in Greensboro, I used your Greensboro website. Thanks, this is a great service particularly to the small, independent who has only a few houses but needs to advertise them. Regards,

Susan Harvey (

Last year somebody called and signed me up for a free year. This year I ran into a landlord - also a friend - who said she was advertising with you again. So, I checked it out and signed up myself!

Pamela Pauline (

I have spread the word. You are amazing!!!

Rachel Vineyard (

I rented my place out. thanks so much for your site.. one of the reasonably priced ways to advertise!!

Mary Knight (

Hello! I recently listed a sublease on your site and, thanks to the wonderful service you provide, rented it. We are not the property owner (we bought a home), and would like to delete our listing/account, since we will not need to lease any properties in the future. Thank you for the site; we will recommend it often!

Nick Pierce (

I was doing a web search to find out how I can advertise my rental property for less expensive than and found your site. Thanks!

Evie (

I heard about your service from a friend of mine. He is a real estate agent who owns rental properties. I've been very satisfied with the service. I've received four contacts about one property in the week and a half that it has been listed. All were college students - the house is near NCSU. My friend recommended your site because of the high cost of newspaper advertising and I'm very happy that he did. I think you provide an outstanding service at a terrific price. Thanks,

David Erhart (

Your website has done a lot for us and given us more exposure, and we very much appreciate it.

Liza Pehrson, Meadowbrook Apartments (

Your site has been a great addition to my advertising.

Adam W. Jones, Mill House Properties (

I have been extremely pleased with the response I have received from placing a listing on I have had my duplex advertised for 27 days and had 164 hits. I have had 4 emails about the duplex and feel that the latest inquiry will turn into a rental contract. I located the site from a Google search, completely by accident. I would recommend placing an advertisement occasionally in the University of Georgia student newspaper, The Red and Black. They have a website providing contact info. I feel that since the website is new for the Athens, Georgia area many students may not know about it. BulldogRent is very easy to use and very user friendly. I appreciate the service you have provided. Thank you,

Gina Rowan (

I have no website, but I will pass you site along through word of mouth. I heard of it from Brent Faulk who has two houses for rent on your site. I was trying to find a renter and he sent me to your site. Within a week I had a call and a big the end it did not work out, but I was still very pleased. It is a great site and I thank you for the free advertising.

Stephen Strawbridge (

We heard from you from browsing websites in search of something that would receive a better response than we are getting from advertising in the Plain Dealer. Your site looked professional, like the person behind it cared, and was easy to use. Thanks for asking

Leisa & Mark Scott (

I love your service. Love your web site and love the result. I think that your web site is great. Thanks!

Eve (

I can't think of any suggestions on how to improve the service -- so far so good for us . . . We heard about you through a real estate agent that has been helping us look for investment properties. She told us that she lists her rental properties on ChapelHillRent. In addition, I've asked students about where they look for rentals (since our rental is targeted to students) and they all tell me the Daily Tar Heel and

Todd Joe (

I want to congratulate you for the excellent idea of building such a site. As a landlord, web sites like this will always make my life easier. The site is perfectly designed, it has all the information you need while keeping a very neat appearance. Hope this helps to get started. Good luck!

Chris Sasarman (

Thank you for your letter. I found you with a Google search when I was looking for a reasonably priced web site to list my Madison property. Thank you,

Vivian Smith (

I have only been on the site for 14 days now and I have 63 total hits on my 2 listings! I look forward each day to see that number rise! :) Thanks for such an affordable service and easy to manage site. I think it's great and I really do not know what would improve it! I think I did a Google search (or Ask Jeeves maybe) on renting properties in Bloomington IN and looked at what came up in the list. I choose yours because it was clearly the best of the 3 or 4 I linked into in terms of navigational ease and search capabilities for users. The other sites where difficult to use or dead-ends with no local properties even listed! When I went into yours I could see the listings of other property owners I know of in the town like Ken Titus and a few other property managers.

Nora (

I just wanted to say that this site is great. I like the ease of use and the way it is easy for someone to respond. The image section is great too.

I heard about Amherst rent from a friend who works at Umass. She used it before and had good results. I am extremely grateful that a site like this is available.

Henry White (

We found you website on Google and seemed to be the easiest to use and it provided a convenient, easy to review list of comparable properties that we could review to evaluate the rent amount.

Don Oswell (

I heard about you from a coworker who also works for our management company First Holding Management, I am delighted to find more online advertising that is available specifically for Ann Arbor.

Jennifer Marusak, First Holding Management (

Your site is awesome. It really generates a ton of visits to my website. That is where most people e-mail me from.

Derk Brewer (

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